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Linux MTD driver for 24xx series I2C EEPROMs

The driver has been tested with a 2.6 kernel running on an Intel IXP425 processor. Memory chip used was the 24LC512 from Microchip, but the driver should work with any 16-bit address 24xx-type EEPROM. The file should be placed in the linux/drivers/mtd/chips/ directory. Patches for Kconfig and Makefile are diffs against a kernel shipped with the SnapGear Embedded Linux 3.3.0 distribution.
Updated: 17 September 2006
License: GNU GPL

Application to manipulate RedBoot configuration from Linux - 'fconfig'

This program is a Linux application that allows to read and write RedBoot's configuration parameters.

If RedBoot configuration partition is located in the Flash memory, then the access is read-only. Full read-write access is available when the configuration is stored in I2C EEPROM memories (driver ee24.c above), or other MTD devices that do not require user-level locking and unlocking.

The program has been tested on a SnapGear Embedded Linux 3.3.0 system (kernel 2.6) running on an Intel IXP425 CPU. Patches for, and Makefile are diffs against SnapGear Embedded Linux 3.3.0 distribution.

Updated: 29 March 2008
License: GNU GPL